Sea Cucumbers

All of our sea cucumbers are sold dry; the process is done so naturally using only sunlight and salt. Absolutely no chemicals are used in any of our drying process. All our sea cucumbers are wild caught of the shores of Australia and are a delicacy used for top end restaurants and high valued ceremonies.

Our Varieties

  • Prickly Red: 2-8 Pieces per KG
  • White Teat: 2-5 Pieces per KG
  • Black Teat: 2-8 Pieces per KG
  • Black Fish: 2-8 Pieces per KG
  • Curry Fish: 2-10 Pieces per KG
  • Golden Sandfish: 110g+ per Piece
  • Black Sandfish: 110g – 140g per Piece
  • Red Fish: 5-10 Pieces per KG