Live Eels

Blue Dolphin Australia processes and exports its wild eels from the natural lakes and rivers of south eastern Australia. We export longfin (Anguilla reinhardtii) and shortfin (Anguilla australis) eels from the clean waters of Gippsland and the Western District of Victoria.

Our eels are 100% natural, expertly graded and packed to strict conditions. We supply export quality live eels throughout the world.

We currently can process and export a 1000kgs per week

Although an abundant supply is available, all fish that fall under the South Australian fishing authority are monitored to ensure they are not overfished to ensure the stainability for future generations.

Scientific Name:

  • Anguilla reinhardtii – Longfin
  • Anguilla australis- Short Fin

Product Specifications:

  • Live
  • Whole
  • Caught by nets/traps
  • Live Wild Shortfin eels 200g-1kg, 1.0-1.5kg, 1.5kg+
  • Live Wild Longfin eels 500g-5kg; 5kg+

Standard Packing:

  • Frozen weight 12.5kg boxes


  • Live – Air Freight